Veruca in the Nut Room StoryBoard

Beauty and The Beast New Prologue

While visiting my mentor from Cartoon Network, Tera Helfer on November 18, 2019, she gave me an assignment in making a small storyboard with 30-40 panels. She gave me three choices, Knock Knock Joke, Childhood Memory, and Squirrel Attack. I chose Squirrel Attack, because what came into my mind from that was 'Veruca in the Nut Room'. My plan was to story board it in Roald Dahl's illustrator's Quentin Blake's style. Later on I chose to have the original Veruca star Julie Dawn Cole to read this, for she has done a full reading of the book I was surprised while reading chapter 23 to 24, she was wearing a replica of her own dress.

This is a recreation of the Prologue form Beauty and the Beast. I replaced the stain glass with the style that is used throughout the rest of the movie. I used the styles from The Enchanted Christmas film but kept the same camera shots that were used in the stained glass version.

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